Get Connected

At Elevate Life Church we believe more than attending a weekly service, you build long-lasting relationships and life-changing expereinces by getting involved. We want to connect you with people that enjoy the same things as you and and are looking to work together to make an impact on our community.

Servant Leading

We use the term servant leader, instead of volunteer, because we believe that God has called us no matter what we’ve done, where we’ve been or our age to be leaders. We are called to be servant leaders in His Kingdom; to be empowered to serve greatly, so that we can lead greatly. It is about taking a step back, so others can take a step forward. Our teams include usher/greeters, parking lot, media, worship, kid’s area, café and so many more. No matter your proficiency in any area, if you feel in your heart a desire to serve in any area our leaders will equip you to feel knowledgeable and comfortable in whatever role you serve on your team. 


Small Groups and Bible Studies

At Elevate Life Church, we believe relationships are an important part in your walk with God. Through our Small Groups, you'll be able to connect with other people who share your same interests and can help grow with you towards being your best you. Whether you're working through a Bible study or sharing a common interest, Small Groups are where you'll build lifetime relationships.


*When requesting to join a small group please include your email in the body of the message otherwise they will have no way of contacting you.