Servant Leading

We believe that when you get with the right people, at the place and at the right time – the right things will happen. One of the best ways to align yourself with the house, get plugged in, make an impact and create long-lasting Kingdom relationships is by servant leading. We’ve heard countless stories of transformation, restoration and empowerment from people after they began serving and aligning themselves with others that have the same core values and vision as they do. We believe in the power of servant leadership, because when you serve and are generous with your time, talent and treasure – you are most like God.

We use the term servant leader, instead of volunteer, because we believe that God has called us no matter what we’ve done, where we’ve been or our age to be leaders. We are called to be servant leaders in His Kingdom; to be empowered to serve greatly, so that we can lead greatly. It is about taking a step back, so others can take a step forward. Servant leadership begins with discovering your 1% (picking a team where you can bring your unique greatness), then developing (continuing to serve, learn and grow in your area) and eventually deploying (leadership, teaching others, witnessing and being a part of transformation) your greatness for the Kingdom of God.

Our teams include usher/greeters, parking lot, media, worship, kid’s area, café and so many more. No matter your proficiency in any area, if you feel in your heart a desire to serve in any area our leaders will equip you to feel knowledgeable and comfortable in whatever role you serve on your team. See our different Dream Teams and find a team for you by clicking "Find a Team" below and submit an interest form.

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