Servant Leadership

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As a church, we have what we call the twin-engines, servant leadership and small groups. These are the two things that make us go as a church. These are the two places where you can get plugged in and build relationships immediately.

So many people are looking for joy in life. We believe that real joy happens when your life makes a difference.

In Matthew 20:26, Jesus said that if we truly desire to be great, we must serve. We use the term servant leader, instead of volunteer. We do that on purpose because the role of a leader is always to serve first.  

Most teams serve once every three weeks, and our dream teams include many things that you may be interested in, or gifted for. You don't have to be highly proficient to serve on a team, it all starts with a heart to serve others and see their lives transformed. We can help with the rest. Please click the link to find a team, and our leaders are here to equip you to feel knowledgeable and comfortable in whatever role you are able to serve in. Find a Team

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