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Elevate Leadership Institute exists to raise up leaders in ministry and all walks of life.

Internships at Elevate Life Church

What is Elevate Leadership Institute?

Elevate Leadership Institute is a two-year program created to raise up leaders in all walks of life. Interns will grow through practical Bible teaching, leadership training and real ministry responsibility and experience. The internship is a full time program designed for students ages 18-25.

Internships at Elevate Life Church

One-on-One Mentorship

As an intern at Elevate Leadership Institute, you will be surrounded by leaders who are there to develop you one on one. You’ll never be without someone to talk to and learn from!

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Bible Teaching and Leadership Training

Interns at Elevate Leadership Institute will participate in classes that are designed to give them a foundational knowledge of the Bible, their identity in Christ, and their purpose in the world.

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Leadership Responsibility and Experience

Through partnering with the different ministries of Elevate Life, interns will be able to choose an area of ministry that they’re excited and passionate about. These opportunities help interns take what they’ve learned in the classroom and put it into action.

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