Premarital & newlyweds

We believe that who you marry and choose to do life with is a life-changing decision, second only to making Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior! Elevate Life Church wants to help equip you for a covenant marriage through our Pre-Marital & Newlywed class. Utilizing the most up-to-date practical and powerful pre-marital curriculum, this 9 week class is designed to help you build a marriage that will last a lifetime. Offered as a part of Elevate Life’s small groups, this class takes place each winter, summer and fall. Join other couples in this significant season of life to:

*Uncover the misbeliefs of marriage
*Learn how to communicate with understanding
*Discover the secret to reducing and resolving conflict
*Get your sex life off to a great start
*Understand the essential ingredients to lasting love
*Discover the importance of becoming “soul mates”
*…and more

Elevate Life Church has partnered with the “Twogether In Texas” state-funded program. Those who complete our class will be given a certificate that enables the couple to receive $60 off of the state portion of the marriage license fee and waive the 72-hour waiting period between license, application and marriage.

Next class beginning January 10th.

For questions or information regarding our Pre-Marital & Newlywed class, please email

The Cathedral of Frisco at Elevate Life Church is available for weddings, as well as a team pastor to perform your ceremony.