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The Greatness Journey
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When we look at scripture, there are 3 key phrases of all people’s journey to greatness.

First, they discover who God is, then they grow and develop themselves, and finally they are deployed into leadership. The Greatness Journey is an intentional journey designed to help you reach your full God-given potential so that you can help other people do the same.

At each step in the journey, there is an icon. These icons signify key points along the journey that each person will encounter.

Every journey starts at a different step,
but everyone travels the same path.

Greatness Journey Map


DEVELOP Yourself.

DEPLOY into Leadership.

Take Your Journey


Have you made a new decision to follow Jesus? Your next step is to make a public declaration through water baptism. We have Baptism Sunday every month on the last Sunday.

For children, ​​we recommend baptism when your child is able to personally acknowledge and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Typically, a child will be able to understand this around Kindergarten-1st grade. Your child must also be able to hold their breath under the water. We do not baptize infants or toddlers.

Gather Regularly

At Elevate Life, we get to come together as a family of choice to hear the word and worship together. Attending services regularly is an important step in your spiritual journey and will not only help you in your growth but also allow you to connect regularly with your family of choice. Make sure you and your kids check in when you are here for services.

ELC Groups

To grow and develop, we must surround ourselves with other people seeking to do the same. God’s great plan for our life only happens through relationships.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is one of Elevate Life’s core values. Your gifts and talents are created by God to serve others.

Share Your Story

The story of your life is proof that God has a great plan for you. It’s also proof that God has a great plan for others. Share your story to show others what God can do.


Putting God first, and giving over and above are a key part of developing our greatness. When you give, you obey God and invest in changing the world.


The journey never stops. Once you take the journey, your responsibility is to lead others by your example of greatness. Get deployed into leadership so you can help other people take their Greatness Journey.

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